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Experience Summary - December 2021

Healthwatch Kingston upon Hull is an independent consumer champion for the local community, influencing all publicly funded health and social care services.

On a month-by-month basis we capture experiences from the public about their experiences of health and social care services and develop monthly intelligence reports. These reports are shared with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Hull University Teaching Hospitals (HUTH), Humber NHS Foundation Trust, City Healthcare Partnership (CHCP), Local Authority and CQC.

The details in this summary apply to December 2021 and includes examples of experiences that Healthwatch received from the public during this period and the actions we have taken.

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GP Practices

GP Feedback Received

Main Issue: Access (Appointments)

Main Compliment: Quality of Service

Example of Healthwatch Action


Caller rang over frustration with GP surgery in trying to obtain a Group 2 fit to work certificate which they needed in order to return back to work. This particular surgery were not offering this service unfortunately which had been explained to him and other options given. He also required a copy of his medical records which he said he had difficulty obtaining from them.

What did Healthwatch do?

Looked in detail at the callers requirements and offered advice on companies offering required medical certificates for his purposes. Spoke to GP surgery to understand situation and to confirm process for accessing a patient’s medical records.

What did the Provider do?

Receptionist gave clear and helpful advice to the patient initially and said they would help him to complete form for accessing medical records on his return to the surgery.

Dentist Practices

Dentist Feedback Received

Main Issues: Access (Appointments) and Quality of Care / Support

Main Compliment: Quality of Staff

Example of Healthwatch Action


None of our service users have been unable to register in Hull. Often do not have time to sit in a queue with 111, if you are prepared to wait to speak to someone, they usually have appointments out of the city, which is a problem as my residents cannot afford the train/bus fares to get there due to being on benefits. Many have been waiting for treatment since before lockdown, the situation has got worse since then. Living in constant pain surely is against someone’s human rights. The impact of this is causing other problems, losing weight, lack of sleep and this has caused mental health problems.

What did Healthwatch do?

Healthwatch is in regular contact with this particular organisation and raising issues regionally and nationally though Healthwatch England.

Care Homes

Care Home Feedback Received

Main Issues: Quality of Care / Support (Vulnerable) and Care Staff 

Main Compliment: Quality of Staff (Care Home)

Example of Healthwatch Action


During an event it was brought to our attention about the poor conditions a person was living with whilst in a care home. The room was particularly small and as a wheelchair user not adequate to get in an out, it was also on the third floor. Some rooms seemed to have people sharing in them. Apparently, there was no choice of meal for the residents and no drinks or snacks provided during the day. There also appeared to be no activities or entertainment for the residents.

What did Healthwatch do?

Highlighted experience to the CQC following report done in September 2021 which came back as ‘Inadequate’ in many areas.

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