Wiktoria Kalitka

Patient Experience Officer

At 8 years old when I moved to England I had to work from the very bottom to the top to get through school and learn the language. Now, a 2019 University graduate with a degree in Psychology I am ready to take on a new challenge and help people, as well as sprinkling the world with glitter (I love a bit of crafty work and horses).

Throughout my studies I worked within the customer service sector which allowed me to develop the essential skills for working with people.  Straight out of University I’ve taken on a role at a financial services company which was interesting. Given this opportunity I have further developed my current skills as well as learning many new things that I had no idea about.

However, I always knew that what I really wanted to do was to help people through my work (that’s why I have taken on a Psychology degree after all). I always believed there’s nothing more rewarding than coming to work knowing you are helping and not taking.

I have joined Healthwatch Hull in January 2020. While in this post I am hoping to apply the research and data collection skills which my degree has provided me with, and hopefully help people’s voices be heard in order to improve health and social care services in our local area.

Vicky can be contacted on 01482 595505, or e-mail wkalitka@healthwatchkingstonuponhull.co.uk

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