Why Volunteer

Thinking about volunteering?

Healthwatch Hull’s mission is to engage with the community and give them a powerful voice. We want to ensure that the views and experiences of the community are heard by Health and Social Care services and that they influence how these services are delivered in the future.

Healthwatch volunteers make a difference not just to Health and Social Care services locally but to their whole community.

We need people like you who understands your community and who are passionate about having the best local Health and Social Care services to help us in our mission. We need people to become the voice of their family and friends and enhance the service we provide by volunteering with us to make real change in local Health and Social Care services.

The time you spend with Healthwatch will be an adventure, we will provide you with a volunteering experience that is unique within the voluntary sector and one that you will see the impact of your time and effort for the time to come. You do not have to commit any amount of time to us, you volunteer as and when suits you.

Please look at the roles available and see if they are of interest to you. You can find the application form and equality monitoring form on this page if you are interested in volunteering with Healthwatch.

Alternatively, if you want to discuss volunteering with Healthwatch, please contact Gareth Fletcher on 01482 595567 or by email on: gfletcher@healthwatchkingstonuponhull.co.uk

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