What is Space2bHeard?

Space2BHeard is new social enterprise that aims to provide high quality counselling and psychotherapy services to the people of Hull and the surrounding areas.



Their Vision


To collaboratively create positive mental health provisions for all




Their Mission


Providing innovative therapeutic solutions that are accessible for our community now and in the future




They are a non-profit organisation providing therapeutic options to our local community. Their range of services includes Let’s Talk, Valued Minds, Re-Mind (a Long-Term Condition Service) and access to a range of private psychotherapists and counsellors.


Continually seeking out fresh ideas based on their communities needs that inform how they develop new services.


They work in partnership with The Ellesmere Centre and share a common ethos and values aimed at enriching the lives of others through quality therapeutic provision.


They believe that individuals have the autonomy to make their own life choices and sometimes just need additional help in doing this; their philosophy includes enabling, supporting, encouraging and facilitating people to reach their autonomous place.


You can read more about what Space2bHeard do and how you can get involved HERE

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