Volunteer Media Relations

Media Relations.   Rationale.   It is important that Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull,develops a sound relationship with local media to:  
  • Publicise its role,and work and develop its identity within its catchment area.  
  • Be accountable to its stakeholders,by demonstrating the work it undertakes on their behalf.  
  • Elicit information and views,from stakeholders to inform its work.  
  • Enhance its reputation as a trustworthy, hardworking public body.
Aim.   This policy aims to ensure,that Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull’s relations with the media are positive, constructive, deliver consistent messages and enhance its reputation.   Media Profile – Routine Publicity.   The Delivery Manager,will issue regular media releases on any activities,that demonstrate Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull’s fulfilling its commitment,to involving service users and the general public,in securing improvements to health and social care.   The subject for any release,will be agreed with the Meeting New Horizons Chief Officer,and drafts will be e-mailed to ISAB members,for information purposes before release to the media.   ISAB Meetings – Routine Publicity.   Media releases will be issued a week prior to each ISAB meeting, notifying:  
  • The meeting’s location, date and time.  
  • Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull’s role.  
  • Any agenda items of particular note.  
  • Inviting public attendance and the facility to raise questions.
Particular emphasis will be given,to media local to the area in which the meeting is held.   Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull posters,with details of the meeting and a copy of the agenda,will be sent to the meeting venue,with a request that they are displayed prominently,on notice boards a week prior to the meeting.   Public buildings in the locality of the meeting,will be asked to display meeting notices, with a request that they are displayed prominently to publicise the meeting.   The Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull display,will be at the venue prior to the meeting, clearly pointing to where the meeting is being held.   Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull Media Spokesman.   The contact point for any media enquiry,is the Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull office.   The Delivery Manager is the recognised spokesperson,for Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull and will, in the normal course of events, undertake any media interviews.   Another ISAB member or member of staff,may be nominated to undertake the interview, if more appropriate, because of their particular knowledge, experience or availability.   No media contacts will take place outside this framework, unless specifically authorised,by the Contracting Body (Meeting New Horizons).   Any individual ISAB member, volunteers, or staff, who are approached for comment or interview by the media, will refer them to,the Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull office.   The personal contact information,of any Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull spokesperson,is never to be released to media representatives.