What Will an IMHA Support Me With?

An IMHA can work alongside you and help you to:

  • Understand and exercise your rights under the Mental Health Act 1983, including understanding:
    the parts of the Mental health Act that apply to you (such as the reason why you are detained, and why you are eligible for an IMHA.

    • why decisions have been made
    • the rights that other people have in relation to you under the Mental Health Act (such as your nearest relative).
    • any conditions or restrictions that you are subject to (such as a community treatment order (CTO) or restrictions around leave of absence from a hospital)
    • medical treatment that you are receiving or might be given, including: the reasons for that treatment; the legal basis for providing that treatment; the safeguards and other requirements of the Mental Health Act 1983, which would apply to that treatment
  • Support you to take part in care planning and express your views about your care and treatment, including by representing you and speaking on your behalf – for example at review meetings or hospital managers’ hearing
  • Raise concerns about your experiences of care and treatment
  • Enforce your rights and get what you are entitled to
  • Make an application to the Mental Health Tribunal and present your views and support you at a mental health Tribunal hearing
  • Access legal advice
  • Discuss aftercare and access support and treatment
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