What Does An Independent Health Complaints Advocate Do?

An Independent Health Complaints Advocate can:

  • explain the complaints process.
  • help you to identify your options and who to complain to.
  • help you with forms, writing letters and emails.
  • help you to explain your concerns and go to meetings with you regarding your complaint.
  • help you to progress your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman if it cannot be resolved by the NHS complaints process.

We will help you to make your voice heard by:

  • giving you an opportunity to speak confidentially to someone who is independent of the NHS
  • taking time to listen to your experience
  • talking with you about what support you need to make your complaint
  • giving you information about the different ways that you can raise your concerns
  • helping you to think about what you would like to achieve from your complaint (people want different outcomes when they complain – some people want an apology, others an explanation or an improvement to NHS services).
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