Who volunteers with Healthwatch?

We don’t have any fixed idea of who will want to volunteer, but if you can sign up to our aims we’ll try to find a way for you to get involved. The kind of people who might want to volunteer with Healthwatch might be: People who want to share the knowledge and understanding they … Read more

Why volunteer with Healthwatch?

Volunteering is a great way to: Learn new skills Meet people and make friends Get involved in your community Do something interesting and enjoyable in your spare time Volunteering with Healthwatch will give you a chance to try your hand at new things like: Helping people have their say about health and care services Helping … Read more

What kind of volunteering opportunities are there?

There are a number of ways in which volunteers can get involved: Publicity and promotion – to tell people about Healthwatch. Surveys and research – to help us investigate health and social care issues. Enter and View – to visit services to speak to patients and service users.

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