Why Might An IMCA Also Be Involved?

A person who is deprived of liberty under a standard authorisation – and their unpaid RPR – have a statutory right of access to an IMCA if they wish to challenge the authorisation. It is the responsibility of the supervisory body to instruct an IMCA if requested by the individual or their RPR. The IMCA … Read more

Paid RPR

In cases where no friend or family member is willing or eligible, a paid representative will be appointed. Their role is the same as an unpaid RPR.

The Role of The RPR

RPRs must have regular, face-to-face contact with the person being deprived of their liberty, to ensure that their interests are being safeguarded. This means that the hospital or care home where the person is staying (the managing authority) should allow you to visit them at reasonable times. As the RPR, your name should be recorded … Read more

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