How Can An IMCA Provide Support?

An IMCA can be involved in supporting and representing people who may be subject to the DoLs. They can: be instructed to support an individual who is to be assessed (in response to a request for a standard authorisation), or if there is a concern about a potentially unauthorised deprivation of liberty. support individuals who wish … Read more

How Would An IMCA Work With You?

The IMCA will support and represent you in discussions to work out whether the proposed decision is in your best interests. The IMCA provides information to help work out what is in your best interests and to help with this they consult widely with people who know you, and those involved in your health and/or … Read more

You Have The Right To an IMCA If

You have been assessed as lacking capacity to make certain important decisions at the time the decisions need to be made you have nobody else to support or represent you, or to be consulted (other than paid staff). An IMCA must be instructed, and then consulted, in relation to the following decisions: An NHS body … Read more

What is an Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy?

When a doctor or social worker asseses someone as lacking capacity to make an important decision, they are entitled to the support of an IMCA. Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 this is a legal right for all people aged over 16 in England, if they lack capacity and do not have an appropriate family … Read more

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