The Hull Asthma Project 15/09/2020


The aims of the project


The Hull Asthma Project aims to improve the care of adults living with asthma in Hull by improving the use of guidelines in the community. We also have a secondary aim of reducing the environmental impact of asthma treatments in Hull.



Why has this project been developed?


There are roughly 18,200 people living with asthma in Hull. Compared to other areas of the UK these people tend on average to have worse outcomes for their asthma. For example, Hull has one of the highest rates in the UK for admission to hospital because of asthma.



How will the study be carried out?


The study is a collaboration between clinical staff across Hull and researchers at the Hull York Medical School. The first stage of the project is based on an approach called experience-based co-design (EBCD). We want to talk to patients and staff to understand their perspectives and experiences and then use this knowledge to design improvements to services. We intend to talk to staff from GP practices (such as doctors, nurses and administrators) and people living with asthma from across Hull and the East Riding.

We will then use the information gained in these conversations to develop a plan for how to improve the care of asthma patients in Hull. This is likely to include looking at:


  • Education for healthcare professionals
  • Designing a ‘gold standard’ for how asthma medicines are prescribed
  • How Asthma Reviews are carried out
  • What kind of support and education asthma patients receive
  • How data about asthma patients is monitored and reported

As we have a limited amount of time to carry out the project, we are hoping to start conducting interviews with both patients and staff as quickly as possible.



How can you help?


If you have asthma and live in Hull then your experiences could be helpful for this project. If you would be happy to talk to one of our researchers then we can arrange a time to meet either over the phone or via a video call (e.g. Zoom or Skype) to informally discuss your experience of asthma care in Hull.

You will be invited to join an online event in mid-October with other asthma patients to have group discussions. You will also be invited to attend an event at the end of the project where we will tell you what our research has found and what are plan is for improving asthma care in Hull.

If you would like to participate or find out more, please contact Lucia on

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