The Dyslexia Street Book – Feb 2020

“Dyslexia is like a ball of string I can’t untangle”

The Dyslexia Street Book gives people a creative experience of dyslexia in a way everybody can understand a little easier.

The book brought together professional poets, musicians, and illustrators to translate their experiences of dyslexia into creative outcomes. The finished Street Book comprises of large format pieces of art, each with their own corresponding poem or piece of music.

The whole project was influenced by the young designers (Junior Design Factory), who had creative control of the narrative and imagery of the street book and were in charge of all elements of development, including deciding on their target audience, how to produce it, what size it would be laying out the graphic artwork, and promotion.

Please take a look at the project and listen to the thoughtful audio available for each of the six stages here: THE DYSLEXIA STREET BOOK

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