Our Executive Team

Jonathan Dunn

Delivery Manager

Biography coming soon!

Gareth Fletcher

Communications Officer

I have been involved in the voluntary sector for eight years. My journey began in 2010 when I joined Hull CVS to support vulnerable adults as a Volunteer Support Mentor. In 2014 I began working for the Citizens Advice Witness Service where I managed a team of volunteers at the courts in Beverley, Bridlington and Hull to support witnesses and victims of crime.


In 2018 I joined KCOM as a Customer Service Advisor and took my experiences from the voluntary sector with me. During my time at KCOM I received praise for my level of customer service as I always wanted to achieve the best outcome possible for the customer.


I joined Healthwatch in 2020 as a Volunteer Coordinator as I felt the input from Healthwatch into local Health and Social Care services will make a fundamental difference and I want to support its mission. During my time at Healthwatch I have assisted in developing the way we operate and look to continue this into 2021 as the Communications Officer, expanding further how we reach out to the community and engage with them on their terms.

Julia Scardone

Volunteer Co-ordinatorOfficer

My Name is Julia, I am originally from Brazil however I relocated to London when I was 14 years old. Having come from a under developed country, I had many struggles through life. Luckily, I have a great family who guided me through to the right path. I have been involved in high level sport for most of my life and realised that sport provided me with unique opportunities. I graduated from the University of London with a Sport, Physical Education and development degree. Since graduating I have been working in different roles with always one objective: To help people. I want to be a facilitator and help people to break barriers that stop them from reaching services and opportunities.


I am passionate about helping people to create opportunities for themselves, and guiding people through difficulties. I hope that in my role at Healthwatch I will be engaging with as many people as possible and providing positive experiences for everyone.

Hilary Clarke

Patient Experience Officer

Biography coming soon!

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