Healthwatch Hull Representatives

Healthwatch Representatives

Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull consists of our Executive Team, Independent Strategic Advisory Body (ISAB) and Volunteers. Each of our representatives have varying specialties and are crucial to our ability to fulfil our statutory and contractual obligations. 

Our Executive Team

The Executive Team consists of members with varying specialties and experiences; they support the core duties of Healthwatch; delivering our statutory and contractual obligations to ensure that our communities voices are heard by those who provide and commission local services.


The ISAB are a strategic partner to the Executive team, bringing added independent lay insight, and overview regarding delivery of the annual strategic workplan, and contributing to safeguarding the probity and transparency of Local Healthwatch.

Our Volunteers

Our team of Volunteers consist of members of our local community who are passionate about making real change in local Health and Social Care Services, they support us in the delivery of our projects; by engaging with those who matter most, our local communities.