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Hull Royal Infirmary

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AAA Screening (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm)  
Service Description AAA screening helps find abdominal aotic aneurysms early and monitor or treat them. This greatly reduces the chances of the aneurysm causing serious problems.

Telephone 01482 675507   Email   Website

Acorn Ward  
Service Description Acorn Ward is a busy 21-bedded surgical ward. Children and young people from 0-16 years are admitted to Acorn Ward for planned and emergency surgery for a variety of specialities, including:   General Surgery, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmology, Maxillofacial, Ear Nose and Throat Plastic Surgery

Telephone 01482 674247   Website

Acute Assessment Unit  
Service Description The acute assessment unit (AAU) is a ward for medical and emergency patients who have been referred by their GP or A&E to undergo further assessment

Telephone 01482 675042   Website

Ambulatory Care Unit  
Service Description Ambulatory Care is a service which offers same day emergency care to patients at the hospital. This means that patients are assessed, diagnosed, treated and are able to go home the same day, without being admitted into a hospital bed overnight wherever possible


Antenatal Screening  
Service Description Antenatal Screening is offered to all pregnant women for:   Infectious Diseases, Sickle Cell and Thalassemia, Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound Scans

Telephone 01482 605304 07825 280822   Email   Website

Antenatal Outpatients  
Service Description The Antenatal Outpatients incorporates the Antenatal Clinic which holds regular antenatal consultations and the Antenatal Day Unit provides rapid and easy access to a range of monitoring and assessment tools for any woman who is concerned about their pregnancy


Service Description Audiology offers hearing tests and support for hearing aids

Telephone 01482468356   Text 07799895033   Email   Website

Bereavement and Mortuary Services  
Service Description The bereavement service are here to help with the practical issues faced whilst dealing with bereavement, and to assist with the completion of medical certificates and cremation forms. They also provide an appointment booking service for you to attend the registrar’s office to register a death

Telephone 01482 608926   Email   Website

Bone Densitometry  
Service Description A bone densitometry scan is a simple procedure that measures the amount of bone mineral in your bones. Measurements may be taken over your lower spine, hip, heel, forearm, hand or whole body depending on what your doctor requires

Telephone 01482 675340   Website

Breast Screening Outpatients  
Service Description The Humberside Breast Screening Service provides free breast screening for women in Hull, East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North-East Lincolnshire   Breast screening is routinely by invitation only. They invite all women aged 50-70 once every 3 years


Cellular Pathology  
Service Description Cellular Pathology consists of Histopathology, Neuropathology and Diagnostic Cytology and is essential for the diagnosis of many diseases. A significant proportion of the department’s work is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Telephone Cellular Pathology: 01482 607720   Cytology: 01482 607785   Neuropathology: 01482 607813 01482 607807   Website

Service Description The Chaplaincy team, consisting of chaplains and volunteers, is available to support patients, their families and carers during their time in hospital. The team provides a caring listening ear to everyone who wants to talk through their experience, whether you have a specific religious faith or not

Telephone Non-Urgent: 01482 675966   Urgent: 01482 875875   Email   Website

Children’s Outpatients  
Service Description Children’s Outpatients delivers general clinics for childhood illness and surgical conditions as well as the following specialist clinics:   Gastroenterology, Respiratory, Cardiology, Neurology, Neonatology, Surgery, Endocrinology, Immunology and Allergy, Rheumatology, Oncology, Hepatology, Dietetics

Telephone 01482 875875   Website

Day Surgery Unit

Telephone 01482 328541

Early Pregnancy Unit  
Service Description The specialist unit manages early pregnancy problems, such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. They see women from 6 weeks to 15 weeks of pregnancy. If women experience bleeding before 6 weeks and 5 days they need to seek advice from their GP


Emergency Gynaecology Unit  
Service Description EGU is a specialist unit which manages acute gynaecology problems, such as pelvic pain, post gynaecology surgical problems, severe vomiting in early pregnancy (hyperemesis), heavy menstrual bleeding (severe menorrhagia), vulval problems, and acute pelvic inflammatory disease. They also see women from early pregnancy problems up to 15 week


Fracture Clinic and Orthopaedics  
Service Description The Fracture and Orthopaedic Department is situated in the Tower Block at Hull Royal Infirmary. The department is made up of a large team of doctors (consultants) and nurses who are dedicated professionals and are there to help with issues whilst you are having treatment for your injury

Telephone Fracture Clinic – Adults (and Children on Weekends) 01482 674378   Fracture Clinic – Children (Weekdays) 01482 675181   Orthopaedics 01482 675181   Website

Gynaecology Outpatients  
Service Description Consultant Gynaecologists hold regular clinics in the department for patient’s who have been referred from their GP for a gynaecological opinion.Services include:   General Gynaecology clinics, Colposcopy clinics, Continence and Urodynamic Service, Sub Fertility clinic, Recurrent miscarriage, Outpatient procedure clinics, Suspicion of cancer rapid access clinic, Uro-gynaecology, Gynaecology-oncology follow-up clinic, Menopause clinic, Pregnancy Advisory Service, Pre-assessment clinic, Smear Clinics following colposcopy, Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit, Emergency Gynaecology Unit


Gynaecology Specialist Nurses (Macmilan)  
Service Description Gynaecology Specialist Nurses aim to provide the best possible care for women who are suspected of having, or have been given a diagnosis of a gynaecological cancer and their families and friends. Their aim is to provide support and information, enabling these women to make informed choices regarding their treatment options and ongoing care

Telephone 01482 624033 01482 622199   Email   Website

Hospital Travel Claim Scheme


Hull Major Trauma Centre  
Service Description Hull Royal Infirmary is part of a major trauma network specialising in treating patients who suffer from major trauma across East and North Yorkshire and the Humber region.   The centre provides life-saving treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for trauma patients, including those with serious life-threatening injuries. The most common injuries are as a result of road traffic collisions, recreational sporting activities and falls


Hysteroscopy Service  
Service Description The Hysteroscopy Service offer an outpatient hysteroscopy service for women with heavy or irregular periods and other problems concerning the womb lining or cavity   Hysteroscopy involves inserting a thin telescope into the womb through the vagina. This can be done without an anaesthetic as an especially thin telescope is used, which causes minimal discomfort and is usually well-tolerated

Telephone 01482 607829   Website

Service Description HICU1 (10 beds) and HICU2 (14 beds) on the 3rd floor of the Tower Block are staffed as mixed general units with a combination of Level 2 and Level 3 patients, including Neurosurgery and some Paediatrics

Telephone ICU1 01482 674231 01482 675541   ICU2 01482 675802 01482 675803   Website

IVF Unit

Telephone 01482 382648   Website

Labour Ward  
Service Description This is a large maternity unit with over 5000 births per year. You will be cared for by midwives with medical facilities and doctors on hand if you need them

Telephone 01482 604490 01482 604390   Website

Macmilan Chemotherapy Nurse Specialists  
Service Description The Macmillan Chemotherapy Nurse Specialist Team are responsible for providing specialist knowledge, advice, and counselling to staff, patients and their carers and undertake a range of duties to ensure the effective delivery of the chemotherapy service and facilitate a large team of chemotherapy administrating nurses in practice

Telephone 01482 461082   Website

Maternity Services  
Service Description The Women and Children’s Hospital at Hull Royal Infirmary is a maternity, women’s, paediatric and neonatal care hospital. There is a midwife-led birth centre as well as specialist services for complicated pregnancies, fetal and neonatal care

Telephone 01482 875875   Website

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)  
Service Description The unit consists of 5 intensive care cots, 7 high dependency cots and 14 special care cots. Admissions to NICU are babies who are either preterm or require some level of care following birth. These babies are either born at the Women and Children’s hospital or transferred from other units due to the level of care they require

Telephone 01482 674391   Website

Service Description The primary aim of the service is to meet the eye health needs of the 600k population residing throughout the city of Kingston upon Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire and a wider tertiary catchment area by providing a comprehensive range of general and specialised eye services   The service delivers a range of acute, routine and tertiary acute services including consultation, specialised imaging and diagnostics, elective and emergency medical and surgical treatments, follow up care, monitoring of eye conditions and delivery of long term treatment programmes

Telephone Appointments 01482 608788   Acute Referral Clinic 01482 816658   Eye Clinic 01482 816655   Matron 01482 605384   Optometry 01482 605364   Orthoptics 01482 816605   Ward 35 01482 604385 01482 604345   Website

Service Description Paediatrics promotes family centred care, as a child is a unique member of a family and dependant on their love and support. Through discussions, a partnership between the parents and health professionals can be established to provide individualised care to meet the needs of your child. With support and guidance there is nothing parents cannot do for their child


Paediatric Assessment Unit  
Service Description This unit contains 6 trolley spaces and is used to assess children to decide if they need to be admitted. Children and young people from age 0-16 years will come to this unit from either their GP or from Accident and Emergency, and is open 24 hours every day

Telephone 01482 674040   Website

Paediatric High Dependency Unit  
Service Description The Paediatric High Dependency Unit cares for children who require a higher level of care than is available on the wards. The unit has 4 beds and cares for children and young people aged 0-16 years

Telephone 01482 674040   Website

Service Description Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trusts is an established NHS organisation and the PhysioHey is the brand name of the trusts Physiotherapy Services. These services are led by a team of expert Physiotherapists and Extended Scope Practitioners with direct access to surgical and medical consultants ensuring specialist opinion is available for a full range of specialties and a wide range diagnostic tests


Pregnancy Advisory Service  
Service Description The Pregnancy Advisory Service provides a confidential abortion service, which includes counselling for women who ask for support in decision making. This is a comprehensive service which also provides the full range of contraception, a sexual health risk assessment and screening, counsellors and support workers and onward referral to other specialist services as required

Telephone 01482 607843   Website

Therapy Services  
Service Description Therapy services are comprised of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics and Speech and Language Therapy as well as Orthotic and Prosthetic services. Therapy Services also work closely with complex rehabilitation staff. They deliver their services across both Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital sites as well as in patient’s homes, at certain community locations and satellite clinics

Telephone 01482 608939   Website

Ward Information
Wards Contact Information
Ward 4 (Neurosurgery) Telephone 01482 675004
Ward 5 and Respiratory High Dependency Unit Telephone 01482 675005
Ward 6 – (Surgery) Telephone 01482 675006
Ward 7 – (Vascular) Telephone 01482 675007
Ward 8 – (Medical Elderly Short Stay) Telephone 01482 675008
Ward 9 – (Medical Elderly) Telephone 01482 675009
Ward 10 – (Winter Ward) Telephone 01482 675010
Ward 11 – (Stroke / Neurology) Telephone 01482 675011
Ward 12 – (Trauma and Orthopaedics) Telephone 01482 675012 01482 674230
Ward 30 – (Gynaecology Inpatients) Telephone 01482 604387
Ward 31 – (Anaenatal and Postnatal) Telephone 01482 607779
Ward 32 – (Anaenatal and Postnatal) Telephone 01482 604388
Ward 33 – (Anaenatal and Postnatal) Telephone 01482 605381
Ward 35 – (Eye Hospital) Telephone 01482 604385 01482 604346
Ward 36 -( Acute Medicine Short Stay) Telephone 01482 482136 01482 482362
Ward 40 – (Neurosurgery) Telephone 01482 675040
Ward 50 – (Renal) Telephone 01482 675050
Ward 60 – (Surgery) Telephone 01482 675060
Ward 70 – (Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Medical) Telephone 01482 675070
Ward 80 – (Medical Elderly / Progression to Discharge Unit) Telephone 01482 675080
Ward 90 – (Elderly females) Telephone 01482 675090
Ward 100 – (Gastroenterology) Telephone 01482 675100
Ward 110 – (Stroke) Telephone 01482 675110
Ward 120 – (Orthopaedics, Maxillofacial and ENT) Telephone 01482 675120
Ward 130 – (Paediatric medicine) Telephone 01482 674465
Ward 200 – (Elderly Assessment Unit) Telephone 01482 674805
Ward 500 – (Chest Medicine) Telephone 01482 482225