Help tackle fraud and take a stand against scams

Humberside Police, Hull City Council, The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and other local partners have developed a Hull Fraud Forum and are working together to reduce the number of people being scammed in Hull.

Sadly fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in the ways they target people meaning it is not just older people that fall victim to these criminals. Last year in the Humberside Police area alone there were 6875 reported victims of fraud and in total they lost was £8.6 million (April 2018 – March 2019).

To help reduce the number of people and businesses falling foul of these criminals the Hull Fraud Forum are encouraging people to become Friends Against Scams. This initiative is a great way to raise your awareness of the different types of fraud that are out there. We are therefore encouraging you and your colleagues to complete the FREE 20 minute online Friends Against Scams Training ( which will help you avoid becoming a victim and help prevent your friends, family and neighbours becoming victims of fraud too.

Detective Sergeant Ben Robinson from the Humberside Police Economic Crime Team said

“Many of us may think we are in some way more aware of and immune to scams. That’s not the case and why I am asking you all to take up the challenge to protect yourself, your families, friends and neighbours.

“By becoming Friends Against Scams you will be empowered to not only spot scams, but also to pass vital information onto those vulnerable people within our communities to prevent them becoming victims. All we ask is that you complete the short Friends Against Scams training course to raise your awareness of the different types of fraud and then share this knowledge with others.”

Companies and organisations may also want to join Humberside Police, the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner and over 200 organisations across the UK in becoming a Friends Against Scams Organisation’ – for details visit:

Matt Wright, Hull Engagement Officer, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“Becoming a Friends Against Scams Organisation is helping us to reduce the number of victims falling foul of scams. We are actively using the training and passing it onto members of the public and this is already making a difference.”

For more information on reporting and preventing fraud visit:

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