Service Updates

Below is a list of services that have been impacted by the Coronavirus. These service changes are necessary to free up resources to allow staff to be redeployed where necessary to support vital services. Further updates will be published as and when additional information becomes available.

All known service changes are published on this page. As the situation is evolving quickly some changes may not be listed. If accessing a service requires travel or may cause inconvenience we advise you to check beforehand.

The council telephone numbers below are available Monday to Saturday, 9am – 5pm.

  • residents and visitors – 01482 300 300
  • businesses – 01482 300 301
  • welfare hotline – 01482 300 303 (housing benefit, council tax reduction and welfare benefits)

Please click on the service, you will be sent to a separate window with more information


-Blue Badges

-Box Office

-Business Rates

-Children’s Centre

-Coroners Court

-Customer Feedback

-Customer Service Centres

-HCAL (Hull Culture and Leisure)

-Housing, garages and lifeline rent payments

-Hull Registration Office – 

-Hull Training and Adult Education

-Hull Warm Homes

-Private Housing Environmental Health

-Requests for Information (Freedom of Information)

-Scale Lane Swing Bridge

-Waste Management

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