Healthwatch Reports

Our Reports

The purpose of Healthwatch is to give patients and the wider public a powerful voice – ensuring that their views and experiences are heard by those who plan and deliver health and social care services, giving people a real say over how their local health and social care services are run.

At Healthwatch Hull, our mission is to listen to the communities in Hull and use their views to challenge providers and commissioners of care to bring about improved services. This page is dedicated to showing how Healthwatch is making a real difference to peoples’ experiences of health and care services in Hull.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports show you how throughout each year we listen to our communities and the difference we make.

COVID-19 Reports

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic Healthwatch Hull conducted a variety of projects to understand the impact of COVID.

Virtual Engagement Reports

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic Healthwatch Hull spoke to residents in Care Homes, their family and staff members.

Other Reports

Healthwatch conducts project and themed work throughout the year to improve local services.