Volunteer Decision Making Procedure

Decision Making Procedure.

The regulations for Healthwatch,require each local Healthwatch to have a policy,for how it makes ‘relevant decisions’. This includes decisions,about which issues to focus on, how and when to use Healthwatch’s legal powers, and committing resources.
This procedure allows Healthwatch to take decisions,based on evidence in a consistent,and fair way and enables the board,to comply with requirements to make decisions,and the rationale for them public.
What is a relevant decision?

  • How to undertake Healthwatch activities.

  • Which health and care services,Healthwatch is looking at covering with its activities.

  • The amounts to be spent on activities.

  • Whether to request information.

  • Whether to make a report or a recommendation.

  • Which premises to enter and view,and when those premises are to be visited.

  • Whether to refer a matter to,an overview and scrutiny committee.

  • Whether to report a matter,concerning Healthwatch activities to another person, such as a regulator.

  • Any decisions about sub-contracting.

Healthwatch will make relevant decisions based on:

  • Evidence of the importance,of the activities to the community, including information from lay people,and volunteers involved in Healthwatch.

  • The resources involved,and the potential benefits of Healthwatch involvement.

  • Healthwatch’s strategic priorities and the agreed workplan.

The Healthwatch ISAB will usually receive requests,to make relevant strategic decisions,in the form of completed project plans from the Healthwatch staff team. The ISAB will take account of advice,on appropriate use of Healthwatch’s legal powers.
In cases where decisions need to be taken urgently,the board will delegate decision making to the Meeting New Horizons Deputy Chief Officer (accountable contract holder) who will report back to the board at the first opportunity.
Publishing Decisions.
After a relevant decision has been made,Healthwatch will publish a written statement of that decision,and the reasons for the decision in the approved minutes of board meetings.
Breaches of this procedure.
The Healthwatch ISAB will reconsider a relevant decision,if there is evidence that the correct process was not followed, or if made aware of information,or circumstances which may prompt it to reach a different decision.
Any person can ask for a decision to be reconsidered,by submitting a written request,to the Healthwatch Delivery Manager,giving reasons why the decision should be reviewed.
If, after a relevant decision has been reviewed, a person feels the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved,they can ask for the matter to be referred to the local authority,for investigation by them or by an independent third party. Requests should be made in writing to the Healthwatch Delivery Manager.

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