Coronavirus Testing Set to Increase

Coronavirus Testing to Increase to 100,000 Per Day

Health Secretary Matt Hancock pledged on 2nd April that England will carry out 100,000 tests for coronavirus every day by the end of April.
The increase in testing will be apart of a new plan which has been designed to dramatically increase the number of tests being carried out each day. An increase in testing has already taken place to protect the vulnerable, the NHS and save lives; with new testing centres being placed in the areas with the highest concentration of the virus.
The plan aims to:

  • Scale up swab testing in PHE labs and NHS hospitals for those with a medical need and the most critical workers to 25,000 a day by mid to late April;
  • Deliver increased commercial swab testing for critical key workers in the NHS, before then expanding to key workers in other sectors;
  • Develop blood testing to help know if people have the right antibodies and so have high levels of immunity to coronavirus;

  • Conduct surveillance testing to learn more about the spread of the disease and help develop new tests and treatments; and

  • Create a new National Effort for testing, to build a mass-testing capacity at a completely new scale.
    Once widespread testing is available, we will prioritise repeated testing of critical key workers, to keep them safe and make sure that they do not spread the virus.

The new testing plans will also have an increased focus to test if people have already had the virus and to see if they have developed the antibodies which give immunity against catching the virus again. If successful, the test will be rolled out on a large scale and allow for critical workers and then the larger population to return to their daily lives.

You can find more information on Gov.UK

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