NHS COVID-19 app

Protect your loved ones. Download the app.     The new NHS COVID-19 app, now available to download for free in England and Wales, is the fastest way to see if you’re at risk from coronavirus. The faster you know, the quicker you can alert and protect your loved ones and community.   https://covid19.nhs.uk/   … Read more

Have you heard about PFH’s Interchange scheme? 18/09/2020

It’s all about giving people the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in a PFH Retirement Plus apartment, without making any commitment.   In other words, “Try Before You Rent!”    If you and/or your partner are 60 and over, you can stay in a Retirement Plus apartment for a short time to … Read more

New Measures – Coronavirus (COVID-19) 16/09/2020

The government has announced new measures to suppress the virus and keep the number of infections down. The government has a plan to control the virus and protect the public, as well as keeping the economy and society open. That plan is working: with great collective effort, we have reduced infections significantly from its peak, … Read more

What is Space2bHeard?

Space2BHeard is new social enterprise that aims to provide high quality counselling and psychotherapy services to the people of Hull and the surrounding areas.     Their Vision   To collaboratively create positive mental health provisions for all       Their Mission   Providing innovative therapeutic solutions that are accessible for our community now … Read more