Health inequalities in ageing in rural and coastal areas

The majority of studies reported older people in rural areas experienced reduced rates of mortality compared to other areas, with some contradictory evidence. However, a number of studies found poorer physical health in rural and coastal populations, again with some contradictory evidence. There is some evidence of a slight increase in the prevalence of widespread … Read more

Suicides rise to 16-year high across UK

The rate of suicide in the UK has hit a 16-year high after surging in the past year following half a decade of decline, new figures show. Data from the Office for Nationals Statistics (ONS) reveals 6,507 suicides were registered last year, marking a 12 per cent rise on the previous year and the highest rate since … Read more

Liaison Mental Health Service in A&E

For the first time, every general hospital in England with a consultant-led A&E department has a liaison mental health service to care for patients in crisis. Click here to find out more in the 4th Annual Survey of Liaison Psychiatry in England.

Making general practice a better place to work

NHS England want to ensure that general practice is a great place to work. We’re investing £12m locally to support our GPs develop exciting and rewarding careers and to stay in practice. Find out more at

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