Awareness of Easements Campaign



Healthwatch Hull are currently raising public awareness about the potential easements to Adult Social Care provision, should these need to be introduced if the rate of Covid-19 infections rises steeply and adds additional demand to services.


It is important to note that Hull City Council has not yet had to introduce these easements, nor may they have to.

However we would like to know about your care needs and what information is important to you, so that we can help make sure the Council provides the appropriate information for you.

To help us do this, we would appreciate if you could complete our survey by one of the following means:


Online survey


Printable survey


Alternatively, if you would like a survey supplying to you, or need any support in completing the survey, please contact us on

or telephone 07593 261312.

Before you complete the survey

So that you are aware of the changes that could affect you, it is recommended that you read the information below first before completing the survey.


You can view all this information in an easier format here:  CARE ACT EASY READ

What are the easements and how might they affect me?



During these unprecedented times, the council may have to make some difficult decisions about the type and level of care and support it can continue to provide.

This is to ensure the right level of care and support will be available for those people in greatest need.


The easements will only be enacted under extreme cases where the infection rates have severely impacted on the ability to deliver the service safely.  


There are four easements that your Local Authority can decide to enact:





What can I expect if the council decide to enact the easements?


It is important to reiterate that the easements will only be enacted if the rate of infection increases to such a level that the delivery of your services or support from your family becomes untenable. If this is the case your Local Authority will:

  • Keep you informed of any decisions they may have to take prior to them enacting the easements.

  • If you receive social care, a representative from the council will contact you to discuss your care and support plan and any concerns that you may have.


The outcome of the discussion may mean:



  • You or your family members care and support needs are delivered by an alternative provider or delivered in a different way; or reduced or suspended temporarily.

  • You or your family member will not receive a review of your care and support plan during this period.

  • You or your family member who are new to social care services will not receive a full assessment or financial assessment but the Council will still respond to any requests in a reasonable timescale to ensure any urgent needs are met.


What can I and/or my family do to prepare should the Council enact the easements?


You and your family could start to prepare by looking at your current care and support plan and consider the following.

  • What aspects of your care could be delivered in a different way if any?

  • Who else would be able to support you to deliver your care and support plan?

  • What aspects of your care and support plan are important to you.





You can help us to tell the Council about your care needs and what information is important to you by filling in this survey


Our Survey is available here – Click HERE

Download a copy of the survey – Click HERE

We are happy to send this information in letter form to you, or if you need a hard copy of the survey attached please let us know by calling us on

07593 261312

or emailing us 

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