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Annual Report 19 – 20


Annual Report 18 – 19


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Annual Report 16 – 17


These reports are produced by June each year and will demonstrate the efforts of Healthwatch and the impact we’ve had within the local area.

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July 2020


June 2020


May 2020


April 2020


March 2020


February 2020


January 2020


These reports are produced each month to demonstrate the feedback we’re receiving about local Health and Social Care services and are sent to the Local Authority as well as other commissioners of Health and Social Care.

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There are no Enter and View Reports available at this time.

These reports are produced after we have observed how services are delivered. You can find more information regarding Healthwatch’s statutory power to Enter and View here.

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COVID-19 – Care Home Report


COVID-19 – Domiciliary Care Report


These reports are produced based around any local or national work Healthwatch is conducting that is in addition to our normal duties.