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Healthwatch has a statutory power to enter and view Health and Social Care premises,either through invitation of the provider, because of themed work Healthwatch is conducting,or due to the experiences provided to us by service users.

An Enter and View is not an inspection and can be announced or unannounced. it is an opportunity for Healthwatch as an independent organisation,to view the delivery of the service first-hand and to engage with service users, family of and / or carers at the point of delivery so we can understand the full picture.

We collect information about the nature and quality of services, the good practices and potential areas of improvement. This information is collated into a report,along with any reasonable and achievable recommendations which is then sent to the provider, governing bodies such as Local Authority and Care Quality Commission, NHS Commissioners as well as Healthwatch England.

You can find out more information on how to become an Enter and View Authorised Representative,and volunteer with Healthwatch here

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