Enter & View

Healthwatch Hull has a statutory power to ‘Enter and View’. This is our legal right to visit services that provide publicly funded health and social care services. The purpose of an Enter and View visit is to allow our Authorised Representatives an opportunity to:  

  • Go into health and social care premises to hear and see how the consumer experiences the service 
  • Collect the views of service users at the point of service delivery 
  • To collect the views of carers and relatives of service users 
  • To observe the nature and quality of services  
  • To collate evidence-based feedback 
  • To report findings to providers, CQC, Local Authority and NHS commissioners and quality assurers, Healthwatch England and any other relevant partners 
  • To make recommendations on improvements to the service user experience 

Enter and View visits can be announced or unannounced, dependant on the purpose of our visit and the type of service we are visiting.  

Our Authorised Representatives receive training to enable them to effectively carry out an Enter and View visit and have all undergone an Enhanced DBS check.  

Following an Enter and View visit a report will be produced detailing our findings and making recommendations to improve the service user experience.

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