A survey of BMA members’ experiences of the regulations in action has found that:

  • many doctors have faced pressure from OVMs (Overseas Visitors Managers) when making clinical judgements regarding a patient’s need for care
  • the regulations, and particularly upfront charging, are deterring patients from seeking care, including for treatments that are not chargeable
  • based on their experiences thus far, BMA members have reported that the regulations are negatively impacting public health
  • vulnerable groups are being, and will continue to be, negatively affected by the regulations
  • the regulations have increased workload for doctors and wider teams, taking time away from patient care

This comes amid widescale reports of British residents being denied care under the so-called ‘hostile environment’ and follows other research – such as Maternity Action’s What price motherhood? – that has shown patients from vulnerable groups are being deterred from accessing vital treatment due to fear of charging.

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