A Carer’s Guide to using Engage Consult

Engage Consult is an online consultation service which can be used by a Carer on behalf of the
person they are caring for.

To do this the Carer should have patient consent recorded and authorised by the Practice. Engage Consult enables the Carer to communicate with the Practice online without the need to visit the Surgery or ring on the phone.
The Carer can act on behalf of the patient and ask for help about a non-emergency medical problem or for general advice from other members of the Practice team. The Carer does not need to be registered at the Practice themselves to sign up as an Engage Consult Account Holder. The patient does not need to be with them when they make the request. This can be hugely beneficial for carers and family members who live apart from the person they care for.

Once registered as an Engage Consult Account Holder, the Carer can make a request on behalf of the patient at any time of day. If the request is sent within the Practice’s “Same day response
times”, the Practice will usually respond on the same day. The request can be sent from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

You can also find the full guidance details here: Engage Consult A Guide for Carers

Please note. The Engage Consult service must not be used for medical emergencies where
urgent help is needed, for example chest pain, collapse or severe bleeding. Please call 999

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