Helping to improve services today and shape them for tomorrow

At Healthwatch Hull we are there to listen to your experiences of Health and Social Care Services.

We are there to provide you with information and advice and use your input to help providers across the area look at where their services are doing well and where they could do better.

We act as your voice to promote the changes you need in the services you use.

Your A&E Experience

Have you visited A&E recently? We need to hear from you! Your feedback helps us to understand what's working well and what could improve at A&E and ensure you have the information you need to receive the best and quickest treatment in the future.

Barriers for the Deaf

We are currently looking to understand about the barriers those who are Deaf or hearing impaired have faced when trying to access GP services prior to and after the pandemic. Help us understand your experiences so we can help to improve services in the future.

The Impact of COVID

We are wanting to find out about people’s experiences of services they have accessed during the pandemic; we are also looking to hear from people who are currently awaiting treatment and from those who may have delayed accessing care during this time.

What is Healthwatch?

The role of Healthwatch is to find out people’s experiences of health and social care services with a view to making sure they are meeting people’s needs, and to suggest or call for improvements where needed based on people’s experiences.

Healthwatch have the power to make sure that people’s voices are heard by the government and those running services. As well as seeking the public’s views ourselves, we also encourage services to involve people in decisions that affect them. Our sole purpose is to help make care better for people. 

How your voice makes a difference

People often don’t speak up because they don’t think they can make a difference. We know that people can be unaware of the care and support that is out there. People can feel excluded from services and access to services and treatment isn’t always equal. Those who are least able to speak out will be heard through Healthwatch.

Every voice counts when it comes to shaping the future of health and social care, and when it comes to improving it for today. Everything that Healthwatch does will bring the voice and influence of local people to the development and delivery of local services.

Most importantly, we have powers in law which gives us influence. We will feedback what we discover to the authorities who have a legal responsibility to respond and use our findings to shape and improve services and feedback to you on the outcomes. This means you can be reassured that your views really do count.

Want to know more about the work we undertake?

The purpose of Healthwatch is to give patients and the wider public a powerful voice – ensuring that their views and experiences are heard by those who plan and deliver health and social care services, giving people a real say over how their local health and social care services are run.

Our mission is to listen to our local communities and use their views and experiences to challenge providers and commissioners of care to bring about improved services.

You can view the work we’ve done so far to improve local services for you by using the button below.

How you can make a difference within local community

Healthwatch wants real change within Health and Social Care services and you can make a difference in your local community by volunteering with us.

We need people like you who understands your community and who are passionate about having the best local Health and Social Care services. We need people to become the voice of their family and friends and enhance the service we provide by volunteering with us to make real change in local Health and Social Care services.

Your Local Services

Healthwatch wants information to be easily accessible for our local communities.

That’s why we’ve set up a dedicated page that has all the information you need about the services which are local to you.

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